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           Blind embossing printing

Have unique prints with blind embossing printing technique.

Unknowingly, you encounter numerous prints obtained from completely different printing methods daily. The newspaper you read in the morning might not be printed the same way as the flyer you were handed on the street. Print Icon printing shop provides and uses various printing techniques every day to make prints for different purposes. But people usually go with the common printing methods like offset printing and digital printing for their print orders. While choosing such popular methods could be great for many purposes, you would also like to try something like a blind embossing printing technique for some special prints.

The technique involves making a raised impression of the text, image, or design with the help of two dies on various types of paper. The paper is pressed between the two dies, one with the raised pattern and one with the recessed pattern. When it’s released, the print that comes out carries a beautiful raised impression of the pattern you want to get. Since the design is shaped out of paper, no ink is used, so prints will never have any ink smudges. Blind embossing printing gives the print a different feel and a unique look you would not find with any other method. The raised patterns give your two-dimensional prints a 3D texture and highlight the text, image, and designs in a beautiful way.

How can you use this technique?

While blind embossing printing can commonly be seen on wedding cards, business cards, and invitations, you can get creative and utilize it the way you prefer. You can make a book cover with the relevant image embossed. The style, design, and paper would be of your choice, and the look will enhance the experience for the readers. Print Icon shop's professional team and machinery will always provide great blind embossed prints with a quick process and high-standard job.

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