In New York, there’s a printing store on every corner, but only one with a reputation for delivering something out of the ordinary. Established in 1982, Print Icon is your 24-7 solution for knowledgeable advice and exceptional results. Whether you're looking for eye-catching business cards, custom stationery, wedding invitations, or are in need of printed materials for an upcoming trade show, we offer a variety of options that are sure to suit any individual or business needs.

 Using our signature combination of contemporary and old-school printing techniques, we create truly unique, fully customized printed goods. In our Chelsea location, a skilled team member will offer advice and make reconditions to ensure your print is perfect and completed within your timeframe.


  Vahid Pourkay, president and founder of Print Icon, believes in following your passion. An aspiring entrepreneur at the age of 17, Vahid moved from his childhood home in Tehran, Iran to the United States, where he spent his days overseeing employees in his brother-in-law’s type shop and fell in love with printing and design. Within a year, Vahid opened a shop of his own and, after the release of the original Apple Macintosh in 1986, was among the first to embrace the digital printing revolution.


  Today, Vahid and his brothers are excited to continue this journey of bringing passions for art and business together in the beautiful neighborhood of Chelsea, NYC.

Cruise our website and see the possibilities — they're endless.